Documentary about the conception and recording of the opera by Chaya Czernowin

HEART CHAMBER is the name Chaya Czernowin gave to her most recent musical theatre performance which, in several different ways, explores the innermost being. She places herself in the centuries-old tradition of opera when, from the first beginnings onward, the exhilaration of the heart has taken a central part.

Czernowin explores love in the 21st century by confronting this idea of romantic love with doubt and destruction and at the same time still betting on a utopian love. The HEART CHAMBER is about a developing love affair between two people and the forces this unleashes: attracting, rejecting, desiring to become one and wishing to be independent. Chaya Czernowin writes an opera about the tiniest and biggest moments during the encounter of two hearts:

In the HEART CHAMBER emotions fly through the air as fragile sounds and actually become characters who invite the individual spectator to participate in an intimate dialogue. Or the orchestra and electronics thicken into a voluminous cloud and become a frenzy of sound.

Chaya Czernowins premieres of musical performances in theaters are always very special occasions. PNIMA … INS INNERE written in 2000 and 17 years later INFINITE NOW were both labelled as premiere of the year by the magazine "Opernwelt". The congenial director Claus Guth has, after PNIMA and ZAIDE/ADAMA, premiered at the Salzburger Festspielen in 2005, now for the third time helped stage this new work by Chaya Czernowin.

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller (Filmregie), Claus Guth (Bühnenregie)
Director of photography
Sebastian Rausch, Hanne Kaisik, David Aumüller
Main Cast
Patrizia Ciofi (Sopran), Noa Frenkel (Alt), Dietrich Henschel (Bariton), Terry Wey (Countertenor)
Sound Design
Justus Beyer (Tonaufnahme und -mischung)
Original Score
Chaya Czernowin, Johannes Kalitzke (Dirigent)
Production Design
Christian Schmidt (Bühnenbild)
Urs Schönebaum