»For 30 years, inpetto filmproduktion has been producing music documentaries for the cultural channels of European television. Artist portraits, cinematic essays, concert and theater recordings are the main focus of the Berlin and Ruhr-based company.«



The three shareholders of "inpetto filmproduktion" are Uli Aumüller, Hanne Kaisik and Gösta Courkamp. (For more information please click on the photos). 

In 1992, "inpetto filmproduktion" Berlin produced its first TV documentary for Bavarian and West German Radio about the Mexican-American composer Conlon Nancarrow and his studies for self-playing piano.

Since then, numerous productions on contemporary music, cabaret, architecture, religion and modern life have followed for almost all German public broadcasters (BR, WDR, SWR, SFB, MDR, 3SAT, ZDF/ARTE - see: "Video").

In addition to the music documentaries, over 400 music programs and features have been produced for most radio stations in Germany over the past 40 years. (see: "Audio")

In early 2000, "inpetto filmproduktion" organized a German-language film festival in Tokyo in cooperation with the Goethe Institute.

The film "My Cinema for the Ears" (2000), a documentary about the "musique concrète" of composers Francis Dhomont (CAN) and Paul Lansky (USA), paved the way for international co-productions.

In 2005 the "inpetto filmproduktion" had finished a 95 min. documentary about the medieval composer Perotinus magnus, which was shown in German cinemas from October 2005.