Helmut Lachenmann and Wolfgang Rihm in discussion

Helmut Lachenmann and Wolfgang Rihm in discussion

10 years after we produced our film "...two feelings - music with Leonardo" we asked Helmut Lachenmann a single question: "Has anything changed for you after we made this film together?" Helmut Lachenmann claims that his music, his art, is a life changing experience for people who are introduced to it and causes those people to become different human beings. In this context we posed our question.
The answer Helmut Lachenmann gave us was a bit longer than we had expected (ca. 70 minutes) - and he was not alone, his friend Wolfgang Rihm was present too. Helmut Lachenmann explaines to his composer-colleague explicitly what composing means to him, how he goes about it and with what systems he tries to undermine his own systematics.
We never heard a composer talk about creating his artistic productions with such intellectual intensity, humor and openness as Helmut Lachenmann did during this conversation. Nevertheless, some basic knowledge of music and music history is required.
It was a historic event to film these two very important contemporary German composers, also because: after about 45 minutes a fly joins the conversation: who is this fly and what does it want from them?

10 years later ...
Hitzacker, 02.08.2007
Helmut Lachenman talking with Wolfgang Rihm
Director: Hanne Kaisik
Producer: Uli Aumüller
Camera: Holger Boening & Oliver Wolf
Sound: Lars Kerkau
Editing: Sebastian Rausch

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