Helmut Lachenmann's promenade in the park

Helmut Lachenmann talks about composing during a walk in the Berlin Tiergarten park in 1999

While we were shooting our film "... two Feelings ..." 1998, film director Uli Aumüller and composer Helmut Lachenmann walked through Berlin Tiergarten for more than 45 minutes. The film is unabridged and covers the complete walk - it gives an insight into the way of thinking and the craft of composing of one of the most famous composer of contemporary music.

Lachenmann & Rihm

NMZ Interview Helmut Lachenmann
Zündfunk Portrait Helmut Lachenmann
Gespräch Helmut Lachenmann und Uli Aumüller

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Kritik Frankfurter Allgemeine
Kritik Frankfurter Allgemeine Dez 1998
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Uli Aumüller