The concern for things has turned into a problem of disposal

A conversation with the director of the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin Thomas Bruns

Feeding music:
Purple Haze played by Kronos....

Speaker 1:
It couldn't have been that alone, and a few lighting effects and the beautiful long legs of the cellist ...

Feed music:
Purple Haze played by Kronos....

Speaker 1:
It couldn't have been that alone....

Incidental music:
Purple Haze played by Kronos...

Speaker 1:
But that's not the point either!

Playback / soundtrack:
Thomas Bruns: Yes, of course.
Uli Aumüller: The way the people stand on stage, how they put the light on it, you saw with the Kronos ensemble. The only difference is that they wear a bit of rockn-roll clothing, and Jean Jeanrenaud shows her long legs, and also a bit of coloured light.
T: No, that can't be it.
U: I just mean - I find the success of Kronos simply amazing. Suddenly an ensemble appears. I don't know if it played a role that they were from America, or...
T: Do you still want coffee..
U: Yes please. Ah play Jimi Hendrix John Cage and Webern, and the concerts are sold out - it's a thing. I really think it's...
T: Yes, that's a thing, that's what kept us busy at the time. When we - we had our hair done once, we advertised for a hairdresser's shop at the concert - that was in the Kulturbrauerei back then and we all had our hair styled.
U: During the concert, that is, you had your hair done during the concert.
T: No no. We styled ourselves beforehand, but really, more than normal. So with artificial hair and all kinds of pipapo, so that some of the women had such manes. And neh we already do that - but in the meantime it's like that - yes and it also happens with us that the concerts take this show form ne is already interesting, so
I've seen it in a show or when I've been in a revue or something, it's always fascinated me, this programme of numbers, how it still goes together, that each piece or each number remains autonomous for itself, and ...

Speaker 1: That alone cannot have been it....

György Ligeti: Cello Concerto

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller (Drehbuch)