Music from the Burning Bush

Electroacoustics as a musical way of thinking

The French-Canadian composer Christian Calon explained to me that concrete music is much less a generic term than the designation of an approach.

Concrete music is not the name of music whose production is based on concrete sounds, i.e. sounds recorded on tape or similar. Car horns, forest noise and children's screams.

Concrete is much more the way one hears something, or more precisely: what meaning one gives to what one hears. The concrete way of hearing hears sounds and tones only in terms of their musical quality, their tonal morphology.

In everyday interaction, it will be difficult for us to abstract the honking from its sound source, i.e. the honking car and the signaling effect that emanates from it ... concrete hearing, however, is only interested in the honking of the horn, its timbre, pitch, its overtone spectra.

With music by Francis Dhomont, Paul Koonce, Luigi Ceccarelli, Salvatore Sciarrino, ...

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Editorial Jounalist
Martin Demmler