2nd Mühlenbeck soundscapes 2021

2nd Mühlenbeck soundscapes en miniature 12.-19.6.2021

Program 2021

Patron: Filippo Smaldino, mayor of the municipality of Mühlenbecker Land

12.6.-19.6. Mühlenbeck, village church
Listening to the sky and the earth
Volker Staub: Sound installation "Weather instruments" (inside)
Andre Bartetzki , sound mats "Spaceship Earth" (outside)

12.6.,15 o'clock opening sound installations
Gisela Nauck in conversation with Volker Staub and Andre Bartetzki

18.6. Mühlenbeck, village church
6 p.m. sound service with pastor Bernhard Hasse + organist Konrad Winkler
7pm Dismemberment of the Rainbow - Volker Staub , solo concert for experimental instruments and continuous sound spaces:
"Soft Songs" No. 26 Part I for steel string - "12 Volts and Breath" for 2 motor sirens, mouth siren and cymbal - "Soft Songs" No. 26 Part V for steel string - "Remembrance / Studies" for 12 sounding granite drill cores - "Soft Songs" No. 26 Part III for steel string

19.6. Mühlenbeck + Summter Lake
14.00 Village church
Opening with mayor and patron Filippo Smaldino and the organizing team

14.15 h Dorfkirche (Corona concert from live play, video feed and streaming).
Konzert für Baumstämme, Steine und Gibbons-Gesänge

Volker Staub (simultaneous performance concept by Alejandro Sarregui),
No. 19, part VII for two tree trunks
in play with for steel string
No. 29, part 1 for 9 glass bells


Volker Staub, Nordost for trombone and 5 drums
Jonny Axelsson, Incantesimi (Magic) for trombone and percussion instruments
As video
Ivo Nilsson, Endangered Species Trust -- improvisation to the song of the gibbons for trombone, steel string, singing saw and flexaton (video + live)
Christian Wolff, Stones from Prose Collection for various stones in a version for 4 players (video + live) as video recording and live from Stockholm
Ivo Nilsson, trombone; Jonny Axelsson, percussion instruments
live in Mühlenbeck
Volker Staub, steel string, Alejandro Sarregui, percussion instruments

15.15 Paths into the fields
What do our fields sound like?
Peter Ablinger WEISS / WEISSLICH 36, headphones: closed headphones, mounted microphones = "listening magnifiers".
Becoming attentive to what is all too easily lost in the noise of everyday life. And where has the buzzing of insects gone?

16.15 Lecture in the village church
Prof. Kaspar Bienefeld: Of hexapods, bees and other creatures in times of climate change

(State Institute for Apiculture Hohen Neuendorf)
17.15 Coffee & cake in the garden of the parsonage

19.00 Hearing walk at the Summter Lake

Experience a well-known lake acoustically in a new way
Enrico Stolzenburg, Summt! (UA, commissioned by the municipality of Mühlenbecker Land),
a sound course at the lake for small speakers in motion
Meeting point: parking lot Friedwald

20.00 h Final concert Summter See, meadow northern bathing place
ausFLUG - Listening with the lake ...
… in den Sonnenuntergang hinein
Comprovisation in dialogue with birds, ducks, coots and forest noise
with Ute Wassermann (voice performance, bird whistles, sound objects etc.), Sabine Vogel (flutes, sound objects) and Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet)

21.00 Picnic at the lake by artists + audience

Sponsored by
State of Brandenburg
Mühlenbecker Land
Cultural Foundation Sparkasse Barnim
Barnim Nature Park

Media partner
RBB Culture

Cast & Crew

Sebastian Rausch
Gisela Nauck
Director of photography
Uli Aumüller
Associate producer
Elke Moltrecht