Inside the Fridge / Simply Everything

A lovestory based on the Song of the Songs (radio play)

(in German only)

During a "look in the fridge" a love story happened, after a long night of partying, and this fridge was empty and white. That was the biographical background to this radio play.

I then expanded on this a little, both in real life (which is not of interest here) and in the form of a radio play based on the text of the Song of Songs from the Bible. This too is a love story. We took the places designated in this text - sheep pastures, vineyards, orchards, city walls, a castle and a few more places - and both collected the sounds we found there and had conversations with the people we met more or less by chance. We always asked them the same questions: How do you imagine your ideal partner, what should he look like, what should he be like? So not only body measurements were asked, but also "inner values" - and then we continued to ask why blond, why not black-haired, why is faithfulness so important, and so on... Some of our chance acquaintances then told us their whole lives...

This radio play is made up of these materials: In the first part, a love story that lasted only a second in real life is given 30 minutes of space here - and in the second part: simply everything - a kind of rondo about life and love in general.

What would still be important to tell is that we had recorded all the original sound in Franconia, and the predominantly Protestant population there has a certain tendency to talk things down a bit. No matter who we talked to, we were actually always told about the disasters, the problems, the dying of the forest and the culture (even the dying of the pub culture was lamented, because of television!). As a concentrated charge, this Franconian pessimism turns into the opposite - at least that's what Frank Schweizer, with whom I composed this radio play, and I thought.

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller (Text)
Main Cast
Jochen Nix, Ursula Illert
Assistant director
Steffi Illinger
Original Score
Frank Schweizer