69 Why Does Sense Obscure From Where It Emerged? 03

Why does sense obscure from where it emerged? - Essay

Why does sense obscure from where it emerged?
or Why is the forest a better concert hall? (3) by Uli Aumüller

The forest is beautiful, SHE says and HE says. But why is it beautiful?
A man and a woman look for the answer to the question if the beauty of the forest and the artificial beauty of music have something in common. Isn’t a forest the same as music in a concert hall – a forest full of symbols we were once taught to discramble? And when speaking of music don’t we in the end describe it as nature (in reverse so to speak) – for example labeling work as organic and the course of time as something flowing (like a river)? Are these ideas of nature, as we experience in a concert hall, not the same perceptive instruments with which we interpret the forest as being something beautiful, as something being created? Nature would then be a open yet empty book which we, as beholders, might fill instinctively with our own perception of beauty. SHE and HIM, the man and the woman, lose themselves inside a forest of questions, come to an end, but at the same time fail to find a way out of their own meander of sense and interpretation.

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Main Cast
Nicole Boguth, Patrick Blank
Editorial Jounalist
Lydia Jeschke