37 Rotbauchunken & Frösche

Together with Hartmut Dorschner and his two excellent microphones we captured – as stereophonically as possible –the complex and minimalistic music of frogs and toads

Immediately after my parents died I went on a holiday for a long rest and spent four months in Schloss Wiepersdorf, a house specially for artists. After the brutal break it was very helpful for me to be able to start with
something totally new. There were frogs full of springtime hormones and among them even some fire-bellied toads, almost extinct around here. The obvious thing to do was to walk to the bog on the first evening in May together with my young colleague Hartmut Dorschner and his two excellent microphones and capture – as stereophonically as possible – about 74 minutes of this complex and minimalistic music. (W.v.S.)

You can order this production on CD from inpetto filmproduktion for 12,80 €. To do so please write an email to: bestellungen@inpetto-filmproduktion.de

Cast & Crew

Wolfgang von Schweinitz
Hartmut Dorschner