Do I Dream ... or Do My Dreams Dream Me?

Video installation about the life and work of Aribert Reimann at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

One could compare a musical work with an apartment whose furnishings change over years and decades, new things are always added, others disappear ... I'm not talking about such apartments that are planned and furnished from one day to the next, virtually from the catalog of the furniture store, but which grow piece by piece like a shore landscape, where flotsam and jetsam gets stranded, some things get washed away and forgotten, some things get into their place by chance - and its inhabitant is at the same time the guardian of order and you can feel his breath in this apartment, but at the same time he gets lost in a labyrinth of memories, compromises,
which have practical reasons, consideration, liberation, well-intentioned advice of neighbors and craftsmen.

Faksimile des Manuskript


Radiosendung SWR

Aribert Reimann
Hans-Peter Bögel
Sebastian Mirow
Uli Aumüller

Editor: Lydia Jeschke
SWR2 Essay (c) 2017

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Director of photography
Sebastian Rausch
Hans-Peter Bögel, Sebastian Mirow
Original Score
Aribert Reimann
Production Design
Tabea Rossol
Editorial Jounalist
Lydia Jeschke