Water memories

Videoinstallation by Sebastian Rausch and Uli Aumüller with music composed by Nicola Sani

Shortly after the performance of our concert installation "Im Wald - Under the trees" last year in the Berlin Konzerthaus, the artistic director of the Ensemble Alternance Jean Luc Menet approached us with the desire for such a imaging of the composition "Waterrememberances" by Nicolas Sani.
The musical piece itself, the start of a four-part series on the elements that the composer has called a "journey into the deep regions of Sound", for bass flute and electronics, connects us all familiar water soundscapes, the surf, the harbor, the swimming pool etc. with a flute that sometimes plays deeply entangled in the web of tones merely audible, just to then break out as a re-cleared voice into consciousness.
As memory, the memory process.
Does, figuratively speaking, the stream of life absorbe the memories and then when drying out leave them preserved as flotsam in us? Or he steadily eroded existing structures until only remains a seemingly eternal, unique impression?
In a mixture of animated panoramic photographs and video layers, our new installation provides these issues. Pictures of water. Its effects in the world and itself, the movements and states, sometimes clearly seen in the panoramas, then unfathomable contentwise in the videos. For although hardly edited these images appear to us unknown and the decoupled view is underway with the music on search.

The installation premiered on 2nd of April in Paris with the Ensemble Alternance under Jean Luc Menet in the Conservatoire Supérieur Régional de Musique

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Editor (Cut)
Sebastian Rausch