The artificial soundscapes of Joachim Krebs

Radio portrait by Uli Aumüller

A portrait of the composer Joachim Krebs
The sound compositions of the cycle artificial soundscapes attempt to move away from traditional categories and concepts such as, on the one hand, that of the autonomous work of art and absolute art music and, on the other hand, that of pure noise collage - montage up to the sound design of a functional ambient music or ambient music in the in-between, to establish a sound art which attempts in a radical manner using only original sound materials from the three sound categories of nature, animals and humans, and continuously molecularising and transforming the real sound, to produce multilinear artificial sound structures that release vibrating sound energies, quasi streams of intensity and sound particles from their own centre in self-intensifying loops in order to amalgamate de-subjectified expressive materials and chains of affect into heterogeneous sound milieus of manifold kinds.

Manuskript zur Sendung
Interview mit Joachim Krebs

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Original Score
Joachim Krebs