Tetsuo Furudate - Köln-Concert

A concert by Tetsuo Furudate performed in the ‘Kulturbunker’ in of Cologne 2007

It is part of our film “What is improvisation?” We have always regretted that we could not add the original loudness of the sound to the film, which was so imperative for this event: in this case definitely louder than 95 dB. Therefore we decoupled our recording and the DVD now contains the complete piece unshortened and unplugged with the title “No Title”.

ULI AUMÜLLER: What is the title of the piece you will play tonight.
TETSUO FURUDATE: I don't have a title. No title. The concert tonight has no title. My pieces have no titles.
ULI AUMÜLLER: No title. What is the piece about.
TETSUO FURUDATE: I am not sure. My mind is completely blank - completely white - I have no idea. I just finished the sound check, the sound is not so bad. I think, after my experience, that I can make something out of it tonight.
ULI AUMÜLLER: What is the setting for your music tonight. What instruments will you use.
TETSUO FURUDATE: Yes, tonight I will use computer sounds and maybe the electric guitar - I haven't played it for five years. So tonight I hope it will work. But the most important thing is the space and the balance of the sound system. If the sound system is good, I will be able to produce good sounds.

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller