Sol Gabetta plays Haydn und Vasks

Portrait of the famous cellist Sol Gabetta

Some cellists control their instrument with virtuosity. Other cellists put more emphasis on passion and not so much on the sound being esthetically correct. Cellist Sol Gabetta, born in Cordoba/Argentina, however, masters both skills. When she plays the 1759 Guadagnini-cello, the audience is not only treated to perfect virtuosity, but also to an unequalled round and velvety sound. Besides her native language, Spanish (her Russian mother met her French father in Argentina), Sol Gabetta. a stunning looker, speaks five other languages. She radiates a zest for life and a naturalness with which she instantly endears her public yet she remains level-headed despite her success and acclaim – which include several solo performances with the Wiener Philharmonic and winning the ECHO Klassik award twice. No other player today plays the cello like her and never will, despite their many diligent efforts. Critics all around the world agree that Sol Gabetta is to be considered as one of the world stars of the Cello guild (Two persons figure prominently on the cover of the recently republished book “Große Cellisten” by Harald Eggebrecht: Pablo Casals and – Sol Gabetta).


Olsberg, a small secluded village near Basel, is the adopted place of residence of Sol Gabetta and her private retreat from the many concert halls she visits all over the world. Yet the exuberant Argentinian cannot sit back and relax. This is how her music festival ‘SOLsberg’ came about and took place for the 4th time in 2009. Once a year in June the idyllic village is woken up from its cultural hibernation and is visited by music lovers from all over the world trying to get tickets for the usually sold out concerts which offer music ranging from the classical to the contemporary.

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