Now show me what you have done

The energetic substance of sounds

Uli Aumüller in conversation with the Weimar composer Hans Tutschku.
Above all, you have to imagine this music in a completely different way, which you will now hear. It is intended for rooms surrounded by 4 or 8 or 16 loudspeakers, so that the sounds wander and change their density, speed, intensity and colour during their wanderings, thus at the same time changing the space in which they wander, or hurry, or rush, or stop, concentrate, burst open again, scatter, in several simultaneous movements, constrict the space, expand it, in short: They are the same sounds, the same acoustic information, which they only hear in stereo, squeezed between left and right, but what they lack is their third dimension, their spatiality, corporeality, and all that remains is a dull reflection of the impression of being in the midst of a sound sculpture, as if inside a body that vibrates and quivers with excitement, with energy, a body that is alive.

Manuskript zur Sendung

Interview mit Hans Tutschku

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Helmut Rohm
Original Score
Hans Tutschku