Nancarrow Ligeti Lachenmann Antheil

4 short radio portraits for WDR

In 1998 I was commissioned to make 4 short portraits of 4 composers for WDR radio. We had already made films about three of them, so I could use the sound material from these productions: Conlon Nancarrow, György Ligeti and Helmut Lachenmann. In addition, there was the enfant terrible of the American pre-war period Georges Antheil with his "Ballet mécanique", which had also influenced Conlon Nancarrow with its self-playing pianos.

Nancarrow / Just sounds - 28:52 mins.
Antheil / Speed is Religion - 29:42 mins.
Lachenmann / Two Feelings - 28:54 mins.
Ligeti / "Nature is Shit" - 29:36 mins.

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Hanne Kaisik
Editorial Jounalist
Harry Vogt