South Pole - opera by Miroslav Srnka (Trailer)

Miroslav Srnka's double opera - trailer for a documentary

1911/12: Just before the First World War. Two men race to the end of the world. One reaches his goal, a spot in the middle of a deserted desert of ice, and returns safely. The other freezes to death with his team - and, although he was only second, is considered the real winner.
In their double opera South Pole, composer Miroslav Srnka and librettist Tom Holloway explore the myth surrounding Robert F. Scott and Roald Amundsen not only as an admirable physical and logistical feat, but also as a symbol of human exploratory drive, ambition, and hubris - the hubris and failure of modernity. In his documentary, Uli Aumüller accompanies the creation of this ambitious stage work at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.


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Uli Aumüller