Thy Kiss of Devine Nature - video of a film project

Portrait of the medieval composer Perotinus Magnus

800 years after the first performance of the first four-voiced vocal composition in European music history, inpetto filmproduktion, in collaboration with ARTHAUS - DVD-Vertrieb and digital images, celebrates the composer Perotinus Magnus.

The result is a DVD edition, which will set standards for some time to come, and will serve as work of reference not just for Perotinus Magnus, the father of European polyphonic composition, but also for a contemporary approach to medieval thought in general and its significance to this day.

The edition contains three films in one; three films with three different foci, three films that are like a triptych, where theme and aesthetics combine to form a higher unity.

The film "Die Vision eines Filmprojektes" (The vision of a film project) forms the second part of this trilogy. Two years before the start of shooting, author and director Uli Aumüller explained the idea behind his unusual film in the form of a virtual interview - with reversed roles: the voice of the director asks the questions, the voice of congenial speaker Ulrich answers. A year and a half after the end of shooting, this "audio play", originally produced to find sponsors, was made visual using the project's film materials. It is an (at least) two-voiced fugue between sound and image, between verbal imagination and pictorial design, whose oscillation has yet to find its match in German film production. (Cutting time was 45 days - you can see it, you can hear it! - Text )

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller