A Breath

Dance performance by Toula Limnaios & Cie. 2004

For our film “BREATH” choreographer Toula Limnaios created a 25-minute TV-version of her original 1¼ hour piece “NOTHING. I am there while I won’t be there”, which was award-winnig and acclaimed by the press. Not only was the choreography redesigned in adjustment to cinematic points of view, but also the music, by high ranking composer Ralf Ollertz (about whom we will talk elsewhere), the light design by Klaus Dust, the videos by cyan and so on.... After a three week period of rehearsals in theater “Hebbel-am-Ufer” (formerly called “Theater am Halleschen Ufer”) in Berlin, inpetto film production shot the new version of the choreography in which the dynamic Toula Limnaios, as opposed to the original version, danced herself and gave the piece a mind blowing extra drive.
Inspired by Samuel Beckett's "Texts about nothing" a balanced classical choreography with dance-like qualities emerged. Toula Limnaios, “poet of inner conditions", managed to orchestrate the changes magnificently: giving special importance to individual dance performances and showing the dynamics of the whole group at its best. She lets figurative transitions merge from abstract and austere to moving and intimate.
"BREATH" is the first dance film produced by inpetto film production. We did not want to make our own film by shortening an existing choreography, but instead we really wanted the choreography, music, light and video design to work together to show the inner beauty of the whole thing on a screen
The result is not just a documentary about ‘what once was’ but a film that speaks the language of dance.

Cast & Crew

Hanne Kaisik, Gösta Courkamp