Gilles Gobeil: Entre les deux rives du printemps 18:00 min

Music composed by Gilles Gobeil inspired by pictures of a wild forest in East Germany. Fotos by Sebastian Rausch and Uli Aumüller

Kritik NMZ 2013

This film is a visual interpretation of ‘Entre les Deux Rives du Printemps’ (`Between the Two Banks of Spring´), by Gilles Gobeil. An electroacoustic composition inspired by the different spheres of Paradise as pictured by Dante in his Divine Comedy. It is depicted in one long camera shot along one side of a river, continues across the water and returns along the opposite side of the river. We then start with a long panning shot of the complete fluvial landscape and end up with a microcosmic picture. The composer of the music describes this as a “Poem of velocity, energy and pure light, influenced by several reminiscences of mundane erring.” It matches a series of natural landscapes, suffused with light, and is startlingly varied. Perhaps one should simply have a closer look at the side of the road to get a glimpse of Paradise - it might even save a trip to Brückentin. Composer Helmut Lachenmann once told me how Luigi Nono, during a walk, pointed to the bark of a tree and said: “Look at this bark. Once you understand that, you have understood everything.”